We are team woodsalt

We make video games. We don’t make websites. We paid for this theme so we would look more professional.

About us Who are you and how did you get in my house?

There’s a handful of us. We like video games to the extent we’re willing to severely damage our mental health by working in this industry so we can make our own.

Fortunately we’re our own bosses so if anyone tells us to crunch we can tell them to get bent.

Anyway, we’re currently working on “Woodsalt” and our next title which is like, totally super secret right now.

If they don’t turn a profit I intend on selling my body on the streets for table scraps and sparkling water.

We’re based in Kent, England.

hey bby, watchu doin? we're making a gosh darn vidya, Ma



Our first game is called “Woodsalt”.

It is a sci-fi pyschological thriller adventure game set in a classic 90’s JRPG style.

There’s loads of different endings, secrets and a dog with a space helmet.

There’s no fluff. It’s basically an interactive book with free-roam.

If you like Persona, Adventure Games, Anime, Sci-Fi and existential dread then this could be for you.

Check it out. It’s going to be out on Nintendo Switch, PC and later mobile if we decide to sell our souls to the devil.

I came up with the idea when realising that I wanted to play a game where I can control a story and chill out without having to have the heart rate of a 15 year old twitch-streamer suspended in a vat of Four-Loco.

This is the kind of game you can chill out on your own, have a drink, a smoke or a one-on-one prayer sesh with ya boi Jeezy and just dive in without worrying about dying or leveling or any of that antiquated horse doodie.

I’m pretty proud of it.

Story wassit about?



I enjoy sci-fi and 90’s era RPGs. I wanted to write a story that involves all of what I like. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I’m nothing if not a flatterer.

Basically I played Persona 4 Golden on my PS Vita (rest in peace, lil’ buddy) and wanted to make a game similar AND PERSONA IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY PLEASE DON’T GET ME CANCELLED AGAIN PC GAMER.

So, if you like Persona then you’ll like this. There’s loads of side characters who will like or dislike you depending on what you say and it will change how the story plays out.

You control a guy called Emcy who wakes up on Nu-Terra, a city in a bubble far away from Earth, 1000 years after humanity evacuated the planet.

During the story you start to learn about the world around you, the people that exist and their existential troubles and also why Emcy is seeing all kinds of crazy crap.

Gameplay how do I play?



With your hands! Ah-hurr-durr-durr.


Pretty simple. On the main story chapters you’re somewhat on rails and you pick Emcy’s responses. Standard stuff, you get a few options and you pick the one you agree with. That’s around 50% of the game.

The other 50% you’re free to run around and explore the city. There’s a bunch of side characters with their own stories who each have multiple endings, and what you do in them affects the ending of the main game vastly.

There’s also 10 secret hidden endings which are exceedingly dumb and I love them. Especially the hidden cat ending.

You can’t do everything in one playthrough (which will take around 9-10 hours) so you have to choose who you engage with. There are 3 main story endings and 22 side plot endings so yeah, it’s your story bro.

I want it give it to me, father figure



Well that’s always good. We’re aiming for a release on PC and home consoles. At the moment we’re planning on doing all porting in-house to avoid a “Batman: Arkham Knight” scenario.

We might, MIGHT look at a mobile port some point in the future but only if we can make it work well enough that it won’t be a janky experience.

If you’re a blogger or whatever and you wanna check it out, let us know. 

Anywho, it’s coming out December 9th 2020 at a price point of £19.99 for release, or $24.99 USD. Let us know if you think that sounds fair.

Also if you’re super skint and you really want to play then e-mail us and maybe I can help you out.

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